Everyone Who visits South Africa wants to visit Soweto

Everyone Who visits South Africa wants to visit Soweto, I mean, this place is rich in history that we studied in high school. Nelson Mandela, does that name ring a bell? Yeah, he is from Soweto! Anyway, I decided to visit Soweto just to experience the Bunjee jumping. Seriously, this is not the best way to overcome YOUR FEAR, TRUST ME!

Figure 1View of Orlando Towers from my car

So, this place I visited is called Orlando Towers, it has the highest Bunjee jumping facility in the whole of Africa, that is 100m long. Well, looking at it from the window makes this my worst decision ever, seriously! I am still a bit hangovered from last night, yeah, I went out till 5am this morning. Back to Orlando Towers, my driver pulls up at the Orlando Towers parking and I think, “what the hell? I just rode from Sandton so yes, I am doing this!”

Well, entering the facility I notice that it’s not only Bunjee jumping that takes place here, but there are lots of other activities like paintball, scad freefall, base, view. But sincerely, anytime I hear Orlando Towers all I think of is Bunjee Jumping. So, it’s actually not very expensive, it’s R550- that is approximately $40. Registration is such a quick process and the staff are actually really good and polite. You are taken up the towers with a elevator, ancient electric elevator.

Figure 2View of the towers at the venue, just near the registration office

Once you get to the top, the view is magnificent! I think you can view the whole of Soweto from there! So, process that takes place up here is, they check your weight. This is because they have different rubber cords that can hold the various weights. After that, they strap you, prepare you for the great fall. If you feel the cord is lose you inform them then they tighten it for you. You can never be too sure, I mean, you are not trying to commit suicide!

Figure 3view of the city from the towers

Figure 4view of the city from the towers

Figure 5Being strapped in, preparation for the fall

Once everything is set, you are taken to the edge, I think I sobered up once I started walking to the edge. I am just too scared of heights! I decided to fall while not looking, lol! I took the fall from back, others dive in- I couldn’t! This experience for sure is adrenaline filled- I would advise anyone who loves crazy sports to try this out!

Figure 6Being led to the edge, I didn’t let go for quite a while

Figure 7I finally took the fall

Figure 8Yes, my eyes were closed the whole time!

There are 3 people down waiting for you, once the ride is done. It feels good to touch the ground, I appreciated the soil and the grass! After all this, I was given a certificate stating “I risked sanity, limb…. By taking the great fall”. You should have this in your bucket list, its probably the best way to get sober and maybe get over fear of heights!