How to Be Safe while Staying in a Hotel

A vacation is a time to relax, unwind, and meditate. Nobody wants to worry about their security while on holiday. Imagine returning from an adventurous exploration trip or even a wine sampling escapade only to be met by a ransacked hotel room.

This is not only dampening, but it can also spoil your entire vacation. Natural disasters, fires, terrorist attacks, and break-ins are but a small percentage of the probable threats to vacationers in their hotel rooms.

Of course, this is not meant to make you paranoid. However, it is good to take precaution and beware of some of the common threats. Below are tips to help make your hotel stay safe.

Prior to Your Stay

Research extensively and scrutinize the security status in the city or country you are visiting. Find out whether terrorism is a threat or whether tourists have been targeted especially in local crimes.

Be sure to establish the regions, neighborhoods, and cities that are known to be more endangered than the others. Search for any existing travel advisories and warnings from the internet for comprehensive information. Below are other factors you should scrutinize before your stay.

  • The Hotel’s Security Standards

Does the hotel have any security measures to curb insecurity? You could call in and find out whether; they have surveillance cameras along the public areas and around the building, there are security guards on duty 24/7, they have front office staff on call round the clock, they have stringent vehicle inspection procedures, and whether access to guestroom floors is limited to the guests only or authorized persons.

An good luxury hotel Jakarta will have in place measures that the hotel’s staffs can explain in detail complete with practical examples of what they do to ensure that guests are safe. If this is not the case, then you are safer finding another facility.

If you are a female, traveling alone, and concerned about your security, you could find women-only hotels. These are hard to find but they could be the only place where you feel safe.

  • Location

Once you are ready to place your booking, look beyond amenities and the hotel rates. Find out the hotel’s location too. Is it situated within the central business district? How far is the nearest police station?

Does it lie in an affluent residential neighborhood? How safe is it to walk after dusk? These factors will come in handy to determine the chances of an assault or even break-in during your holiday.

  • Have Copies of Your Bank Cards and Passport

Take one copy with you and leave the other with a family member or a trusted friend. This way, you can be tracked easily in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural calamity. Keep the copies away from your originals.

They will come in handy in case of theft. Always inform your country’s embassy about your presence especially when traveling to unstable countries on a long-term basis.

During the Check In

Avoid rooms on the ground floor and opt for rooms between third and sixth floors. Rooms on higher floors are almost inaccessible by buglers but can be easily accessed in case of a fire. Ensure that the front office staffs do not reveal your room number in public. If this happens by any chance, request for another room.

Ask for clarifications on the numbers you should dial in the event of an emergency. After arriving in your room, pinpoint the emergency exits, fire escape routes, and stairwell. Never use the elevator in the event of a fire. Evaluate different escape strategies in the event the hallway is blocked in any direction.

Check out the balcony doors and window locks if applicable on arrival. Report immediately if they are not functioning. Always confirm that all locks to your room are functioning appropriately on returning to your room.


Ensure that your door is locked always when indoors. Do not allow people who claim to be hotel staffs to your room. Always confirm the legality of such visits from the front desk. Unless the room has a safe, leave all your valuable items at the front desk especially when you are out of your room. Demand a written confirmation for everything you leave at the front desk. By following these tips, you can be sure to enjoy a blissful vacation.