List Of Must To Checkout Attractions While On A Romantic Weekend At Tallinn

Are you looking for a romantic destination to take your loved one for a weekend? Well, if so, Tallinn is certainly a destination to consider. Along with being the political and financial capital of Estonia, Tallinn is a perfect city located on the Baltic Sea which has enough to entertain a new couple. No wonder you will get the privacy you need, but you will even have enough to keep yourself occupied throughout the weekend.

If you are looking forward to spend a romantic weekend in the beautiful city of Tallinn, then here is all you need to do to make your stay worthwhile.

How to spend some amazing time while in Tallinn?

Tallinn is full of historical attractions which are both – romantic and worth checking out. Here we have listed a few must visit locations which certainly ensures that you and your loved one have the most romantic evening possible.

Toompea Hill: The Toompea Viewing Platform is an extremely romantic spot. The hill gives an opportunity to the visitor to see clear panorama view of the entire city. Now, what can make the view more breathtaking than having a loved one besides you and enjoying a glass of wine.

Town Hall Square: You can begin with your romantic evening by visiting Raekoja plats. It is undoubtedly the most important attraction of the city for past eight centuries. Fortunately, now you can find many amazing restaurants and cafés surrounding the brightly-colored Town Hall Square. Start by having a nice coffee or hot chocolate at any one of the cafés and indulge in light and soft conversations.

St. Olav’s Church and Tower: Certainly, you are in the city for a romantic weekend, but you just cannot miss visiting St. Olav’s Church. It was holding the record of being the tallest building from 1549 to 1625, and has been burned down thrice during its 500 year history because of lightning. The building is breathtaking and magnificent. In simple words a perfect location to click a postcard picture.

Old Town: If the beauty of St. Olav’s Church wasn’t stirring enough, you can take a trip to streets of Old Town. There are many restaurants before the Danish Kings Garden, and you can catch a quick bite before visiting the garden. The Danish King Garden, not only offers privacy and seclusion, but also the chance to enjoy the city along with nature. The view of the garden is mesmerizing at night time, when the bright and illuminated city skyline is clearly visible.

Kissing Hill: Located at the entrance of Viru Gates, the Kissing Hill is the ideal destination to conclude your trip. There are little wooden gazebos with benches which can make a perfect final backdrop of your weekend in Tallinn.

There are numerous reasons why Tallinn is a perfect place to spend a romantic weekend. After all, it was the declared the European Capital of Culture for 2011 considering the amazing attractions it offers. Along with the exotic locations, you will always fall in love with the Tallinn delicacies and amazing food items served at well-known restaurants like Maikrahv. So, Tallinn has pretty much everything you need for a romantic and memorable weekend – good attractions, amazing food and most importantly – the privacy.

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Henry Bosco has written this Guest Post. If you are near Raekoja plats, you certainly cannot miss out on the delicacies offered by the Maikrahv restaurant. This place is generally full throughout the day, but you can always make a reservation by visiting their website.