Online Courses Offered by Schools and Colleges Teaching HVAC Training Programs

There are many ways to take HVAC courses including free on the internet – learn at your own pace. But the best way to get courses and your certification is usually through a college.

Online colleges

Most online colleges such as Ashworth College offer online affordable, self-paced, and flexible HVAC courses in training program helps you get ready for a career in Heating and Air Conditioning. Their HVAC courses cover the latest heating and air conditioning techniques and procedures. Included is a $75 voucher for the ESCO Institute 608 Certification Exam as well as the 12-page EPA section 608 study Guide that prepares you for section 608 certification. You can start anytime, go at your own pace and will finish in 4 months.

HVAC training

This includes:

    • Affordable tuition with payment plans to fit anyone’s budget
    • EPA Section 608 study guide
    • Detailed HVAC lesson book
    • Guidance and tutoring from instructor
  • $75 voucher towards the cost of ESCO Institute Certification exam

HVAC online

You need to first decide just exactly what type of HVAC training you want. There are several various fields as an HVAC specialist, like home inspector and electrician, appliance repairman, or just an HVAC tech.

Analyse situation

Once you find what online HVAC training is best for you, decide how you are going to pay for the online HVAC training. There are various options as to cost and time. There are also a lot of online HVAC training online schools.


Use Google or other web browsers to search for suitable HVAC training online. You need to research the HVAC training online school before making any commitment as there are many scams on the internet.

For certification

Most of the online training courses cost anywhere from $500 to $800 and it requires about 200 hours of work for certification. You will receive your certification and degree in the mail after this online school has certified that you have finished all the required work.


Remember, when taking any online courses, you need to research everything. It would be a waste of time and money to take courses from an organization that is a big scam. Anytime you are spending time or money on the internet, you need to research.