Reasons to Travel Locally

Why should you local, sleep local, do like the locals do?

Local travel needs to be considered with self-awareness and tact. It holds a great deal of many fantastic benefits the main one being tact – you have the chance to spend money with the little guy, rather than the big machine corporations of this world.

Local travel movement defines ‘local’ as a chance to connect properly with a location rather than doing the whole super chain tourist trap route.

It’s all about taking part in the location that you are visiting rather than on a tour which provides more of a bird’s eye view of things.

The advantages of this are numerous, read ahead to have a report

1. It’s cheaper

Travelling within the UK and staying in accommodation such as holiday parks in north wales is significantly cheaper than big holidays to other countries -saving out on numerous costs that you no longer have to worry so much about.

2. More than one for the same price

The cheaper aspect of this also translates into a number of mini holidays rather than a big old expensive annual trip that suffers from the pressure of the ‘trip of a lifetime’ syndrome that can often leave you feeling a bit deflated

3. It’s familiar

The advantages of holiday parks in north wales are that there are no culture shock, no foreign language to deal with, and you know exactly the kind of place you want to be going for a drink or something to eat.

4. You don’t need to renew your passport

There’s always that last minute panic when it comes to travelling abroad – “Oh wait, is my passport out of date?” Well if you’re not leaving the country then you don’t have that problem.

5. No jet lag

Jet lag can be a real killer for people when travelling, not least people who travel with loved ones, kit’s easy to feel tired and irritable – for the little troopers it can be especially hard. If you travel within your own country then you won’t have to worry about any of that – it’s as simple as a drive down the motorway or train journey.

6. Boost the national economy

By spending more of your money on the home turf, you’re increasing the flow of revenue into your own country rather than pouring it outwards into other states. You’re also electing to spend your hard earned cash with smaller and family own operations you’re helping to build awareness for local culture and customs.

7. Don’t have to go too far

Long journeys can wear anyone out. Going on long distance holidays means that saying your annual leave taking up unpaid leave and maneuvering around the school holidays etc. – if you have a break in your own country it’s a simple as hopping in the car for a few hours.

8. It’s really simple

Pick a place, load up the boot and you’re away! It can be as spontaneous as booking something the day before.

9. You can have company

Travelling local means that you can take friends and family along for the ride. This makes more a much more pleasurable and relaxed experience all around. Your children have company and so do you – if you’re single, then not to worry as a trip is just as fun with friends along.

10. A fresh perspective

Seeing your own country through the eyes of others offers a brand new perspective on life – be a tourist in your own country and you’ll get an outsider’s perspective.