Some of London’s Most Romantic Spots

London is home to some of the world’s finest architecture, wonderful museums, rich history, world-famous monuments, and cultural diversity like very few other cities have. Despite all of these factors contributing to the fact that London is one of the world’s most visited cities, it should also be noted that the city is a city for a romance as well. Although Paris is known as the city of love, in reality, London is certainly a competitor for the title. There are a multitude of romantic things to do in London, whether it be going to somewhere with a stunning view, a boat trip, a classy picnic, or something completely different. The city is truly home to numerous romantic spots. Here are some of the most romantic spots you can find in London:

  • Primrose Hill: This wonderful park is free to enter, and climbing to the viewpoint at the top will reward you with one of the most spectacular views of the city below. You’ll see London’s modern skyline, and you may also be able to pick out a few of its old landmarks. The only problem with this place is that a lot of people do come visit – but that’s no problem if you surprise your date with a romantic sunrise picnic!
  • Book a Cupid’s Capsule: A 30-minute rotation on the London Eye is always a delight. But, what if you and your partner had the capsule to your own, complete with champagne and truffles. Well, that would be a classy idea for a date, that’s for sure. You’d also be able to enjoy the wondrous views of London below. Unlike Primrose Hill, you might need to save up for this date, as booking a “Cupid’s Capsule” isn’t cheap!
  • Aubin Cinema: Cinemas tend to be some of the most stereotypical places to go on a date. This place, however, is much more unique and classy. Watching a movie here, you’ll be able to sit on a two-seater sofa, you’ll have a blanket with you, and you’ll be able to buy some snacks. Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect date?
  • Serpentine Boating Lake: Located in Hyde Park, you’ll be able to rent pedal boats here, and you’ll be able to explore the waterways of the area. This is a fantastic idea to do on a summer’s day. You’ll have a lot of fun putting in the work together, and it’ll feel like an adventure. Take an hour or so on the boat, then have a romantic picnic together in the park.

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