Stay fit on your vacation

Wherever you arrange to go on holiday this year, one thing is certain: you will feel free, relaxed and calm from the stress of everyday life. Unfortunately, this loose mood often brings with it extra pounds. We do not think what will happen afterwards and just enjoy the moment. But we can save it all – and even without sacrificing a moment of fun from our holiday. Let’s take a look at some smart tips.

Holidays and well-being

This period is inextricably linked to relaxation and warmth, which is also transferred to the dish and / or the glass. And many think they will not do as well if they do not eat or drink as much as they want. But is that the case? The truth is that it is worthwhile considering how you will make the most of your vacation without having to cancel all the hard work you have invested in weight loss. So if you think about what you have achieved so far and what is left to succeed, holidays can be an ideal opportunity to practice these new habits and experiment with the possibility of doing well while controlling the intake of food and drink.

Here, take into account that especially in the summer it is easier to look after our diet and weight, since with a lot of heat theoretically our “appetite is cut, we consume more fluids and we are relatively more active.

Attention to breakfast

Yes, it is difficult to have much self-control of what we eat on our holiday, but all can be better if we are more careful with our breakfast. So make sure your portion is medium, and maybe you ought to skip the many carbohydrates – we know that the buffets of most hotels offer many choices from them. If you’ve arranged a big dear, then a good idea is to eat a small portion of berries earlier so you do not feel the need to eat too much. You can also pay real attention to the brunch time too. For example, if you choose the great and marvelous Bali for your vacation, you will be astonished by the traditional brunch options. You will have a Sunday brunch Bali is really famous for and then not having to worry if you are going to be hungry till the end of the day.

Smart snacks

If your holiday includes rides, then you have to have some snacks with you so you do not go back to the hotel starving. Schedule from the previous day the snacks you will take with you and make sure they contain protein.

Go for shopping

One of the first stops of your holiday should be at the local supermarket. Buy a variety of foods and snacks to keep you, make a program and make sure you have enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.

Try to avoid the buffet

Yes, it is difficult, we know it. The hotel buffets look like dreamless, but their calories are all over again real, and with so many and delicious choices, it’s easy to overdo it. Try to choose a dish with lots of vegetables and fresh produce. Alternatively, if you can book a room without paying extra for the buffet, do so.


Going everywhere on foot to your holiday is great. You can see all the attractions, experience the place you have visited and at the same time work out. And do not forget to drink plenty of water!


Try to schedule early food and weight monitoring, travel procedures, and more general issues when you are away from home. In any case, remember that it is worthwhile to plan how to self-monitor under unusual circumstances – such as holidays – that are the exception to the rule. Finally, it is important to make sure you have anticipated the difficulties in advance and … a good vacation!