Top Nights Out In Fort Lauderdale

Planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale? From the popular beach to the far western suburbs, Fort Lauderdale has you covered – when the sun goes down, the party begins.

Fort Lauderdale offers fantastic live music, great cocktails, great atmosphere and terrific food. The clubs offer the very best in sound systems, and their artfully coloured lights illuminate their surroundings.

So jump in a Fort Lauderdale limo, get dressed up (or not), and explore this exciting town.

An international flare

There is so much flavour for culture, from South African to Spanish; you’ll feel like you have just stepped off the plane with their authentic and colourful venues, delicious dishes and cocktails that will make you want to drink the bar dry.

The beach

Surrounded by the most beautiful clear water, golden sand, the bars with make you think you are in paradise. There are a great selection of bars on the boardwalk, all with a great atmosphere, great locals and dance floors where you can exercise those dance moves. The boardwalk has even been named one of America’s best boardwalks by a national travel magazine.

Craft lovers

There are great brewery’s who are committed to producing bold craft beers that bring together culinary inspired ingredients with old fashion technique, offering beers with big flavors and made exact with natural ingredients.

Gay clientele

There are hundreds of sizzling nights spots around that are big and colourful, with spectacular entertainment that will make you wish time would stand still. A perfect night out for all to enjoy!

Trip on the water

The cruises are just the ticket for a night of something different, and who doesn’t love a boat party?

Performing arts centre

Prestigious performing arts centre brings a wide variety of cultural talents; there are major international, national and regional productions, and a great experience that you can tick off your bucket list.

Jazz clubs

You can be sure that your desire for this timeless music will lead you to the right place. You can sit back and indulge in your love for live jazz music.

Seafood lovers

Make sure you take advantage of the seafood – there are many choices of fabulous seafood locations bound to satisfy your pescaterian needs.

Sports enthusiasts

Take advantage of the tropical breeze and sit outside on the patio and cheer on your favorite sports team. There are a ton of fun sports bars you can’t go wrong with.

Fort Lauderdale is where to head to for that amazing fun in the sun destination anytime of the year, so pack your bags and have the time of your life.